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3 modes for you to choose. It changes color even in auto mode, responds to music in sound activated mode and can be easily adjusted with the remote control.

Visual effects upgrade

3-color rays (red, green, blue), 4-rays combination (red-green-blue, red-green, red-blue, blue-green), multiple effect combinations to create a more wonderful atmosphere.

Remote control

The remote control can set on/off, motor speed, color and background color to switch 3 working modes (Auto/Sound/Strobe). Automatic (color changes automatically), voice control (color changes with music), strobe (color appears and disappears quickly).

Not just for indoor use

This stage laser light features a brightly colored beam that will make your space magical and fabulous. Not only suitable for indoor use, but also for outdoor use. Suitable for family gatherings, discos, dance halls, bars, stages, hotels, nightclubs, banquets, playgrounds, outdoor performances, etc.

High quality aluminum alloy body, novel lighting, built-in durable fan, better heat dissipation and longer service life. Simply connect the USB port to your computer, laptop, power bank, charger, etc.

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The disco lights have more than ten different colors, pattern combinations and rich lighting methods, making your party more dreamy and unique.

Nikolas R.
Verifizierter Kunde
A great party light with laser and LED elements. Really nice light effects according to different programs, controlled manually or by music. The device hardly uses any electricity, I operated it on a power bank and after an hour only 3% electricity was used. The effects are really worth seeing. Absolute purchase recommendation.
Turner M.
Verifizierter Kunde
Wow. That part blows my mind. I'm totally enthusiastic about the disco light party light. Responds great to the music. Note, however, that this device is also close enough to a loudspeaker or, even better, close to a subwoofer. Then it does what it should. I also think the other settings are great, even if it shouldn't react to the music. Lots of options to set.
Jason H.
Verifizierter Kunde
Price-performance really great! Super suitable for small to medium-sized events (room for up to 100 people). We used the laser in combination with other light effects. You have to be careful and set the laser in such a way that it doesn't shine directly in the eyes of the guests, but all in all a good product! For me, the automatic mode is usually sufficient.